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    Who Are We?  So Glad You Asked!

    We are the Thompson's (Johnny and Amber more specifically) and we are currently living and working in the beautiful Valle de Guadalupe, B.C. Mexico.  We met in 2004 in the most auspicious of places: Acting class where we quickly became fast friends.  Three short years later we were married and have been loving every moment of marriage.

    A month after we were married we took all of our high school kids from Christ Community Church to Hume Lake for summer camp.  Amber always counseled the girls and Johnny always counseled the boys and this year was no different except that we didn't know what God was going to do in our lives.  On "missionary day" (Thursday) Luke Everett was speaking about getting out of our comfort zone and stepping out in faith to serve the Lord.  Then, a Hume leader asked those who felt called to ministry in the missionary field to stand up.  We both stood up and then looked at each other and knew that God was preparing us for something amazing.

    In 2009 We began our ministry in Baja California helping serve at a home and school for the Deaf children of Mexico.  Learning all the languages was certainly a challenge, but the Lord is good and He helped us in so many ways.

    We have since made the decision to dedicate our lives to Deaf ministry in Mexico.  We don't know where the Lord is taking us, but we're all in.

    So check out our Blog, media, etc.  Contact us, send an email, post a comment, let us get to know you.

    "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven"
    Matthew 5:16